Web Design


Daddy Longlegs has been designing webs since 2012 and has worked on projects of all sizes from local band sites to world wide online stores. We integrate SEO strategies and social media connectivity with design and artistic flavor to build an extremely attractive web that will catch more traffic than anyone else. We are very fluent in the art of design, we can edit audio, video and pictures to blend perfectly with your business or to make a real BANG! Great original content combined with a strong social media footprint will even encourage viral interest. Some of our sites have seen tens of thousands of new visitors per day from a well places article. When Daddy Longlegs builds your website we not only supply you with a beautiful web but also a sturdy one. All of our sites are backed up daily, protected from hackers and guaranteed to be back online in 24 hours if anything ever happens to your site.

Domain Names and Hosting

First things first. What do you want your domain name to be? Maybe you have a domain name? Maybe it would be a good idea to purchase other domain names that people will likely search while looking for your product? We can help you navigate the purchasing of top level domain names through our partnership with DomainSalesPlus.com.

Once your domain name is registered we have to direct them to our servers. All of the webs Daddy Longlegs manages are backed up daily using CodeGuard™ and monthly to two other locations. Each of our sites are also completely protected from hackers and viruses using SiteLock™ which scans our servers daily for malware and viruses, automatically removes them and alerts us to any unauthorized file changes.

If there is ever a problem, call Daddy Longlegs and we guarantee your site will be back online in 24 hours.

Web Design

Site Population

Once you have your domain hosted on our servers, we get to work. What 2 or 3 colors represent your business or product? Show me a site you like. Do you have any pictures, videos, music, art, other websites, social media pages or any other content I can use to build your site? We can make something from nothing but without original content your site will never rank in search engines. Lucky for you, Daddy Longlegs is a master craftsman. We can record 1080p video, professionally edit any audio track and “Photoshop” any image. The result is high quality streaming videos and viral messages.

The internet is built on niches, being relatively famous on any topic only takes dedication and a little bit of “know how”. Give us your talent and let us give you ours. Daddy Longlegs has blown up spaceships to an audience of 25,000 and promoted a wrongful termination of a US vet case into the public eye which reached over 100,000, we hold a podcast on theme parks every other week and sell glowing jackets to customers around the world.